raccoon-furEditor’s note: I conducted this interview in a devil’s advocate style in an attempt to refute every possible justification for wearing fur. It worked.

The Fur Bearer-Defenders is one of the first organizations I became involved in to protect animal rights. Fur, which again has become trendy, is a luxury gained at the expense of innocent animals. There are many rationalizations for this (rational-lies) such as it’s good for the environment and that nothing equals the warmth of fur. Plus, the myth still lingers that today’s trapping methods are more humane than those previously used.
The Truth About Trapping

There is also a problem with urban wildlife and trapping, there are many companies that trap and injur animals as part of their raccoon removal processes. There are many companies that are fully licensed trappers and understand the values of humane removal. It is best to have humane services by a licensed trapper because these professionals understand the biology of the creatures and don’t do things that will impact their well-being or urban ecosystems. Raccoon removal Mississauga services are serious business in cities like Toronto with so much wildlife. Read more