Bird control in necessary to keep the number of pest birds such as pigeons under control. The number of predator birds is decreasing causing an increase in the number of pest birds. We as humans have caused this problem with the use of our fancy birdhouses and birdbaths and scattering of bird seed in our gardens all in the name of having a pretty garden; and now we sit with a problem we need to get under control.

The pest birds chase away any birds that may be beautiful and harmless.

Pest birds cause huge problems for building owners, residents and to farmers. Health issues are also a huge concern. Disease, lice, damage to properties and damage to crops have all become serious. For farmers the loss of crops could have huge financial impact.

There are many different types of bird control available; these range from physical deterrents, visual deterrents, sonic devices and active barriers. The most effective devices are the ones that physical block out the birds or alter their behavior through a mild shocks. We do not want to harm the birds but rather use humane means to control a situation we ourselves caused. The low current electric shock methods simply repel the birds from the area and do not harm them in any way. Bird spikes, although blunt could still cause injury by impaling a bird on a windier day. Bird netting and mesh are also very effective and humane methods of deterring birds. Birds will adapt to the barriers and shocking methods within weeks as they alter their patterns they will steer clear of those areas. The shocking alters their behavior in the same way as Pavlov’s theory of conditioning.

We as humans need to think before we act. Our actions have caused a problem that is now become so large that we have to take action to undo what we have caused. What we need to remember in times of drought birds will be attracted to wherever there is food available and water available so if we feel sorry for these birds and put out the water in the baths and lay out the seeds on the lawn then the birds will come. Don’t complain. They are doing what we wanted.

Think before you act.

Do you really need that birdhouse or that birdbath in your yard? No you don’t, it’s just human nature and vanity. Who has the most beautiful yard and look the Jones family have such beautiful birds in their yard. Stop! Think!